Share your story of how a licensed broker helped you find the right health insurance policy for your needs.

Value of the Health Insurance Broker

Value-of-the-Health-Insurance-BrokerAmericans deserve access to professionally licensed and trained health insurance brokers. As Congress considers meaningful proposals for national health reform, one key test of public approval for any sustainable and equitable reform will be ensuring all Americans have the ability to choose the health insurance plan that best fits their needs. Another key test will be ensuring continued access to the services of independent—and state-licensed—brokers who serve as American consumers’ counselors and advocates.


Whether issues involve compliance with or navigating options on state and federal laws, regulations and issues, including tax decisions, HIPAA, ERISA COBRA, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Genetic Nondiscrimination Act, etc., professionally licensed and trained brokers are there every day as consumer advocates and provide peace of mind to millions of employers, workers, individuals and families.

Educating Americans to Create a Culture of Health and Wellness

Educating-Americans-to-Create-a-Culture-of-Health-and-WellnessThe NAHU Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that helps the public stay informed about the public and private health insurance options available to them. The Foundation creates educational materials for the American public about private health insurance options, whether consumers are buying health insurance coverage on their own, purchasing coverage through the exchange or signing up for a plan through their employer. The Foundation also assists those needing coverage who may be eligible for public programs like Medicare, Medicaid or children’s health insurance programs.