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Our business is all about growing yours.

Our business is all about growing yours.

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The GillespieHall team of 12 is an inspired fusion of talent and culture. Most of us have been with the firm for well over 5 years.  Our breadth of skill is reflected in our real-world makeup: we span two generations, five continents and several business disciplines. As a true team, we work together on every GH account, contributing passion and knowledge in public relations, marketing, crisis communication, message calibration, media coaching, content creation, social media, web and digital marketing, creative design and videography.

GillespieHall Story

Somewhat younger than our head office building in Hockessin (which was built circa 1860), our holding company BGP Publicity Inc., was established in 1996 by our founding partner and savvy global PR strategist, Bridget Paverd. In 2006, Bridget and her leadership team guided the formation of GillespieHall, the first PR firm in the quad-state region to set up a digital PR and marketing department, a mere one year after Facebook emerged.  GH is still regarded as one of the few PR agencies that fully understands and successfully integrates digital messaging into our campaigns.

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