Does Your Online Executive Profile Stand Out? If Not, Stand Back…

If you graduated college before 2010, it’s likely that social media was not part of your academic curriculum. Why is that a problem? Because in a world that overwhelmingly speaks a ‘digital’ language, it’s a huge detriment professionally. It’s also become the big piece that’s missing these days in the world of many CEOs and upper management leaders: an outstanding online and social media presence.

The Modern Leader Has a Strong Social Media Presence

Five years ago, when boards were searching for a leader, social media competency wasn’t even on the radar. Today’s savvy executive knows that an incomplete, uninspiring or invisible digital presence is a career-stunting red flag. Management and senior leadership are expected to be able to converse in the language of the internet and show active participation in its community. Social Media competency is not just the next rung, it’s the entire next ladder!

The Buck – or rather, the Click – Should Stop with You

If your digital presence doesn’t stand out from the crowd, then there’s a good chance you may be just a click away from losing that next great career opportunity, leadership role, or business deal. You need an online profile that makes your competition seem irrelevant. GillespieHall’s Executive Branding Suite (EBS) is a digital PR service custom-designed to consolidate and elevate your online profile. By conducting a thorough audit of your current online and offline presence, we can develop a strategic and transformative personal brand.

How does your online presence measure up? Ask yourself these questions:

  • If someone googles you, what will they find? Will they see your accomplishments in context? Do you appear as a real human being, someone others like to work with and be around?
  • Do you have a profile on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, and other social networks? Are your usernames and links professional and recognizable? Are you vulnerable to “squatters” who might claim your name and muddle your public image?
  • Is your LinkedIn profile ‘average’ or exemplary? Does it just repeat your hard copy resume or does it creatively and succinctly showcase your professional attributes and capabilities?
  • If someone tweets about you, do you know about it? Do you know how to respond?

Without a distinctive online brand and a robust online presence, you’re not only just another face in the crowd, you are behind the times.

But with a formidable executive brand, you become the game-changer. The lead candidate. The rock star. The one that will stop them in their tracks.

Want to stand out from your competition? Contact GillespieHall and let’s talk EBS today!

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