How Can Marketers Leverage “Hallmark Holidays”?

More to the point… should they bother incorporating “Hallmark Holidays” into content strategies?

‘Tis the season for celebrating the first great loves in our life… mom and dad. As Mother’s Day inches forward on calendar (it’s this Sunday, people!) and Father’s Day moves in closely behind, these holidays sparked some office conversation about how some of us might celebrate these days in modern times. Because today’s families can look much different than the Cleavers, with two moms, two dads, grandparents as parents, etc. So, one of my co-workers said, “Maybe we should just have ‘Parents’ Day.’”

Well, guess what? We already do! Actually, this has been on the calendar since 1994. Have you even heard about it? Nope, we hadn’t either.

Our discussion then turned to a related topic: Hallmark Holidays. You’ve heard the term, that’s “used predominantly in the United States to describe a holiday that is perceived to exist primarily for commercial purposes, rather than to commemorate a traditionally or historically significant event.”

So, we asked: Should marketers tie in to these ‘Hallmark holidays’ to attract customers?

The answer: It depends.

How can you decide which holidays (if any) to leverage for your brand?

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are your competitors doing it? Find out. Then find out how well it’s working for them. Does their ‘Hallmark holiday’ marketing attract customers? If so, include the holiday in your marketing strategy. And be more creative than your competition.
  2. Is it a stretch to associate your brand with this holiday? Mom does not want a tie from Jos. A. Bank’s for Mother’s Day, just because she likes it when dad dresses up for a business meeting. Really.
  3. Is it worth the price you will pay in content? Digital Marketing experts have said that Americans come in contact with 4,000-10,000 advertisements each day. The result? Burnout. So, each word of content must count. Choose wisely.
  4. Is it worth the investment to give it a try? Still not sure? Look at your content marketing budget. Research your competitors related ‘Hallmark holiday’ campaigns. Estimate your ROI. Then, if you think a trial run makes sense, go for it!

Oh – and regardless of whether or not you consider it a ‘Hallmark holiday’ – please don’t forget to call your mom this Mother’s Day! Because the marketers have undoubtedly gotten to her, and she will want to hear from you.


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