Behavior Change Campaigns, Case Studies


Delaware was experiencing a serious increase in tobacco use among young teenagers. The tobacco industry’s advertising is both deceptive and alluring to teens, presenting a unique challenge to counter these deeply-entrenched tactics. The American Lung Association (ALA) turned to GillespieHall for help.


Working with ALA, GH strengthened a fledgling statewide brand – the Kick Butts Generation – to attract the attention of teens statewide. We accomplished this mission through smart messaging, appealing billboards, engaging workshops, monthly e-blasts/newsletters and something we are best known for: a professionally designed in-school KBG-Karnival. This is made up of uniquely designed board games and activities that educate elementary school children about the dangers of tobacco.


Our project was instrumental in growing the KBG membership from 13 students to 13,000 over 10 years. Thanks largely to the campaign’s influence, teen tobacco use in Delaware continues to decline, with smoking rates falling by 50% in six years, according to federal statistics.