A leading Maryland practice of neurosurgeons and pain specialists were struggling to keep up with patient communication demands and changes in the medical system. Though its physicians were authorities, MBSP’s website didn’t reflect their genius and accomplishments, nor did it list many of the practice’s life-changing services. MBSP had no online format to engage with patients.


GillespieHall undertook a sorely needed brand re-alignment including the design of a bold, new visual identity and the creation of a relevant value proposition to match the practice’s goals, vision and elevated status. We carried this through our design of a bright, informative and engaging website. We launched a blog series, and we designed avenues for patients to connect with the practice via social media channels (Facebook and Pinterest).


In just three months, website traffic jumped by over 90%. The practice experienced a 500% growth in social media community and online appointment requests. MBSP was soon scheduling appointments five weeks in advance due to high demand – twice as long as before hiring GH.

Brand Rejuvenation, Case Studies