Should Your Social Media Slim Down During Summer?

With summer quickly approaching faster that one can say ‘barbeque,’ and ‘swimsuit,’ does the season mean you should slim down your social media postings or is it time to heat things up?

You may want to try a little of both, depending on your business goals:

Option 1: Slim Down Your Social Media or Change Direction

Unless your business is directly related to summer (beach, ice cream, etc), cutting back your social media will give you more time to focus on other marketing endeavors:

  • Update your B2B outreach, revise your website copy, or revamp your crisis communication plan. Summer can be a good time to take a look at your marketing segments and determine which ones need a boost.
  • If Facebook and Twitter have been your primary focus, consider other platforms your customers may like such as Instagram or Snapchat. Use the summer season to steer your social media in a different direction.

Option 2: Embrace Summer’s Personality On Social Media

Parades, picnics and parties –  How does your community celebrate summer? Embrace it through social media posts:

  • Does the local fire department participate in a 4th of July parade? Give a shout out to them in a post.
  • Do the majority of your customers visit a local water ice store frequently? Consider teaming up with the store to offer an incentive.
  • Having a luau-themed office party? Post a picture of your staff – let your customers see another side of you. Let your office personality shine through!

Don’t forget – If your business has summer hours, casual Fridays or some other way to recognize summer, share it on social media.

Whether you live near beaches, mountains or somewhere in between, make the summer season work for you. Match summer’s mood with your business style and hopefully, the sun will shine upon your profits.

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Karen James Author
GillespieHall Public Relations Strategist. Writer. Media & Community Relations Specialist.
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