Insurance Claims


INS understands the difficulties homeowners experience after a major hail or wind storm.  Unlike other contractors, our staff is trained and dedicated to being with you every step of the way.  We don’t just provide an unmatched warranty for the repair, but also peace of mind through the entire claims process.  This means an INS certified inspector will assist you in filing the claim, meet with your insurance adjuster, and work to obtain the best possible outcome for your project.  In other words, with INS, you will not be alone during this important time.  The INS Reassurance Guarantee™ is a list our promises to you, based on our unique business model, reflecting our mission statement:  We don’t just repair homes, we set the standard in the construction industry.




INS is an industry expert in managing the insurance claim restoration process. Our company leaders, staff, and crews are insurance and repair experts. We understand the insurance process and policy limits/requirements along with what is needed to repair your home. Leveraging our expertise and resources means your repair will be handled quickly, efficiently, and to the industry’s standards and code requirements.



INS crews have been thoroughly trained on all local codes, rules and regulations set forth by the Department of Building Safety as well as all major roofing suppliers’ product specifications. INS provides unmatched warranties on workmanship and installation based upon manufacturers’ specifications which is required for the warranty on manufacturers’ products. As a result, INS guarantees your property will be reinsured as well as covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.



It is very important that you be cautious in deciding who repairs your home. You can usually spot a bad contractor based on the red flags in their aggressive sales approach. Because INS is a “by-the-book” company, we will not waive any deductibles, provide any estimates or offer any promotional packages for your business. What we can do is guarantee the insurance company’s paperwork and price, which means no hidden costs to you and no cut corners on the job. The reassurance you have with INS is that you will be responsible only for our deductible and every approved item in the insurance claim will be repaired accordingly. You will not have to pay for the entire job until the entire job has been completed.



At INS Construction Services, we understand that your home is one of your most important investments. Before repairs begin, you will receive a validated overview of the entire cost of repairs. Using Xactimate – the same software the insurance company uses to handle your claim – INS can guarantee the insurance company’s cost of repairs. This insures no additional costs or hidden fees to the homeowner after the project has begun.